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Orlando's Squash Ladder

A competitive or friendly challenge that you can do at your paste for daily, weekly squash games in Orlando. Either you are new to squash a intermediate player or a passionate player. the Orlando squash ladder is for all. Juniors, adults male and female and all ages.

Squash player playing in the Orlando Squash ladder

How to join the Orlando Squash Ladder

Squash courts in squash club in orlando florida

1. Register to US Squash (FREE)

First we need to make sure we can calculate your ranking so jump over to the button bellow to register

Orlando Squash Racquet with a squash ball in Squash Orlando

2. Let us know you are registered

You are now registered so we will add you to the ladder and let you know. Let us know that you have registered with your account number.

Orlando Squash Racquet and squash string at squash proshop

3. Enjoy and play Squash

You are now part of the ladder and ready to make your first squash matches. Jump below to see how to contact your first squash player.

What is a Squash Ladder?

This format sees all players placed in a ladder, one on top of the other. Players challenge each other. If a player lower down the ladder beats a higher placed player, they change places – the lower, winning player moving up the ladder.

How to play?

Players are responsible for challenging and organizing their own matches, this includes scheduling their court time, keeping track of their scores and then the winner must report the score after the match within 24 hours after the match.

Squash players in Squash Orlando playing the Orlando Squash Ladder

Benefits of playing in the ladder

Pool of players

Either you are new or already playing the pool of player in the ladder is way more than your 2 - 3 friends.

Always growing pool

Never stop finding new players to challenge you. Or for you to challenge.

Track your ranking

With the ladder keep track of your ranking and level to enter tournaments and other events.

Challenge at your paste

Either once a week of daily squash match. It is your choice.

Register on
US Squash

How to register to Orlando Squash Ladder by registering on Club Locker

Let’s get you started. Here are the steps to follow. 

1) Go to

2) Click on Join on the right side of the menu.

3) Click on “Create Free Account”. The form will appear below. 

4) Go to your profile and copy your US Squash ID

5) You are set to let us know that you registered


Great! Than it will be simple. 

1) go to your profile and copy your US SQUASH ID 

2) Go below to let us know you are registered. 

You have now registered to US Squash. We can now add you to the ladder. Time to let us know that you are registered. Please fill the form below. 

After we add you to the ladder we will confirm that you are in and you can then go to the next step and start challenging players.

Let us know you are registered

Club Locker Profile with Orlando Squash

Enjoy and play Squash

Squash player who finished their squash game talking about their next challenge

How to start your first match

1) Go to your profile
2) Click on the "Boxes" Tab
3) Pick someone to challenge in your boxe and contact them.

Have fun!

Squash Players playing squash in Orlando squash club

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