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Passing By Orlando?

Come play Squash with us !

Either you are new to squash a intermediate player or a passionate player. the Orlando squash Group is here for pickup games during your stay Juniors, adults male and female and all ages.

Squash player playing in the Orlando Squash ladder

How to join the Orlando Squash Group


1. Click on the Link & Join the Group

First make sure to join our What's App Group so you can find some games

Orlando Squash Racquet with a squash ball in Squash Orlando

2. Schedule & Meet up new players

Introduce yourself and tell us when you would like to play and what level you are.

Squash courts in squash club in orlando florida

3. Play

That's the fun part. Come to the club, pay your entry fee and enjoy a great game !

Why Join our Group

Simply because it is the easiest way to find a game while you are in Orlando enjoying the Sun. So don;t be affraid Join us and get some great game !

How to Book a Court?

Since you are most likely not a player of the club you will need to pay the guest fee. That can be done when you arrive at the club. If you are playing with another non-member make sure the front desk as booked your court.
If you are playing with a member ask them to book the court for you.

Squash players in Squash Orlando playing the Orlando Squash Ladder

Enjoy and play Squash

Squash player who finished their squash game talking about their next challenge
Squash Players playing squash in Orlando squash club

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Try squash and discover a life long sport to enjoy worldwide