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Get all of the details to find the perfect squash club or school with squash for your kids

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From lessons to round robin, Leagues and clinics. Everything you need for your squash needs

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We strive to always stay in the know about all the current news surrounding squash. We stay informed with sources straight from the major Squash leagues and organizations, keeping you up to date on rules, regulations, and events. So you can play the best squash in Orlando

Your New Favorite Sport! - Squash -

Many people struggle to stay active regularly. Gym memberships can be pricey, and running a treadmill gets boring fast. Others turn to team sports, but not everyone enjoys baseball or groups sport. Active people like you love activities that are fast, fun, and easily to learn. One of the most popular sports growing in the greater Orlando Florida area is Squash! Squash is a fast-based sport that can be practiced alone, played in pairs or teams, and is even fun to watch! Once you pick up a racket, you’ll see why more people in Orlando choose to learn Squash!

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Fast paste and inside, Squash beat the hot summer and rainy day everyday.


Still looking for great angles and fun touch? Squash brings it and burns 5x more calories.


Tired of not finding space to play or not challenging enough try squash and play whenever you want.


Too slow for you? Or you are still looking for a game that you can play at all ages. Squash is for you.

Squash Clubs
In the Orlando Area

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We find the Squash Club that has everything you need to learn and practice Squash, and Finding Squash partners for beginners and experts alike!

Why Join Us?

No matter what your level of mastery is, you are in great hands when you choose us. You’ll have access to:
• News about Squash
• Finding Coaches
• Practice Spaces
• Team Signups
• Watching Live Matches
• The Best Restringing (Squash and Racquetball Rackets)

You’ll also be able to attend the Best Squash Clinic in the area, taking your skills to the next level. No matter what stage of expertise you have in Squash, our clinic will teach you something new and make you a better player. You’ll be learning new tip, tricks, and techniques with a whole group of other like-minded individuals. Make some new friends with other local Squash players!

Learning Squash doesn’t take much time at all! Learning the game of Squash is similar to learning how to play tennis or racquetball. The biggest hurdle in learning Squash is not knowing where to start. But with finding the right Info Squash will be your next new sport!
When you need to find the Best Squash Coach in the Orlando area, you need the Best Squash Club! More players know that the best Squash instructors are found at Squash Orlando. 

Squash Coaches
Finding a reliable Squash coach you can rely on doesn’t have to be a hassle. When other people learn from a tutor they found online, you will have one of the best local Squash coaches in the area. These are experienced and knowledgeable Squash players who have played professionally for years. They know how referees rule on games and can help you with your form and technique. When you want to learn Squash from the inside-out, you just need to join us!

Learn and Play Squash in Orlando

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Squash Practice
Unlike baseball diamonds or tennis courts, finding a place to practice Squash can be tricky. But when you join our squash clubs, you’ll always have a place to practice! With clean indoor courts, you are practicing in a climate controlled environment with top quality equipment. It’s the next best thing to playing an actual round of Squash!

Squash Teams
The best way to become a Squash expert is by joining a team. We have regular Squash team signups, letting you learn with a group, make rivals, and get better fast! Teams are also a great way to make friends both on and off the court. If you’ve been looking for a great new way to socialize, just join us and a team!

And what good are teams without their fans? Watching Squash is almost as fun as playing it. Join other Squash enthusiasts as you watch your local Squash champs battle it out with one another. Watching Squash is like watching tennis, but in far faster-paced matches! If you’ve never watched Squash before, you’ll be surprised at just how exciting watching it can be.

Squash Proshop and Stringing in Orlando

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Taking care of your equipment is a necessary part of any sport you plan on taking seriously. However, even the Squash experts know that restringing their rackets can be a real hassle. Luckily for you, when you join our Squash club, you will have access to the best onsite racket restringing services around! In no time at all, your racket will be re-stringed fast getting you back onto the court. Our experts can even restring racquetball rackets, and provide other services to make your life easier. When you need the best in local racket restringing, just come to the club!


If you’re feeling apprehensive about picking Squash up because of the added costs of equipment, you’re in luck! Unlike football or baseball, you won’t have to purchase a ton of new expensive equipment. All you need is a racket, a ball, and some protective eyewear, and you are ready to play. There are no bags full of heavy, bulky equipment to lug around, and you don’t need near as many padding options as football or soccer. With just a few items, you can begin learning Squash. And if you aren’t ready to buy your own yet, don’t worry – we rent out everything you need to play your next round! Being fun, convenient, and affordable are all great perks to learning Squash! Join Us Today! When you want to join the club with the best Squash services possible, you need to come to Squash Orlando. We’ll make sure you learn everything about Squash in a fun, safe environment that promotes friendships and friendly competition. With a staff of experienced Squash coaches and the best courts and equipment services, you won’t find a better Squash club than with us!

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